About Me

My name is Michael Marganelli. I hold a Bachelor of Technology and Diploma of Technology, both focusing on Electronics, from British Columbia Institute of Technology.  I am currently registered with Engineers and Geoscientists of BC as an EIT, as well as with Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of BC as an Applied Science Technologist.

I work with a variety of programming languages, including C, Python, PHP, Javascript and Bash. I’ve recently started learning Go, which I’m really enjoying. I also have built various electronics projects involving 8,16 and 32 bit microcontrollers. I dabble in a few other areas such as wireless networks, encryption and penetration testing.

One caveat I should include here is, I am NOT a professional programmer. The only language I’ve ever had formal training on was C. I am self taught in all other languages. I include this caveat as a warning that, although the code I write may work, I offer no guarantee that it’s the correct way to do things. Its just the way I’ve figured out how to do it. I am not a professional software developer, I’m a problem solver who uses code as one of the tools in my toolbox.

My History

I earned my Diploma from BCIT in 2004 through the Robotics and Industrial Automation Program. During this time I specialised in electronics, sensors and motor control. I began a career in the fire / life safety industry. During the next decade I installed, programmed and commissioned large scale, networked fire alarm systems primarily in industrial and health care facilities. I worked on several electronic engineering projects, designing custom solutions for various problems.

In 2010, I began pursuing my Bachelors degree at BCIT through the BTECH program. I specialised this time in communication theory, real-time embedded systems and numerical analysis. At the same time I changed careers from fire / life safety to Facilities Management and began work as a Systems Technician. During this time I maintained and programmed Building Automation Systems.I found this to be a very rewarding career as it exposed me to a variety of mechanical and industrial control problems including boiler staging and AHU controls.

In my current role, I am a Director responsible for IT and Building Automation systems across a Canadian portfolio. In doing so I evaluate vendor systems, help train team members and plan upgrade / refresh activities. I also deal with the odd difficult problem that comes up.

Current Projects

Like any tinkerer, I always have a few projects on the go. I work on various IT related projects, as well as working on a Zigbee based Home Automation project. I also work with the BACnet communication protocol in different and interesting ways.

I also enjoy a bit of hobby pen-testing activities, which I’m hoping to write more about in the future.